Tim Loughton MP urges constituents to join the campaign #FixBritainsInternet

Tim Loughton MP (East Worthing and Shoreham) is encouraging broadband users in East Worthing and Shoreham to take the opportunity to have their say over the future of the UK’s internet by joining the campaign to #FixBritainsInternet.

Over the last few years, internet users all over the country have suffered poor speeds and an even poorer service as a result of BT’s underinvestment in the national network, Openreach. 

Ofcom has set out their plans to improve Openreach, and they have asked the public for their views in a once-in-a-decade consultation. While the proposals are a step in the right direction, Tim believes that more needs to be done to make sure that his constituents have the digital future they deserve.

Tim said:

“One of the most common complaints in my inbox or postbag each week is about the quality of broadband. A reliable broadband connection isn’t just a ‘nice to have,’ it is an essential part of everyday life – and a real headache when something goes wrong.

“Our community has put up with slow speeds and a second-rate service for too long. This is largely due to BT’s underinvestment in the national network, Openreach, which is owned by the BT Group. 

“We’ve had to fight incredibly hard to get so-called ‘superfast’ broadband installed in the constituency, and there’s still a ‘postcode lottery’, with some businesses and households unable to get acceptable speeds when their next-door neighbours can.

“The UK’s digital economy is more important than ever before, and we cannot afford to wait any longer for the broadband infrastructure Britain needs. Even with a £1.7bn taxpayer subsidy, too many people are still subject to a postcode lottery when it comes to receiving a fast, reliable broadband service.”

To sign up to the campaign, and tell Ofcom directly that you want better broadband for your families and businesses visit: www.fixbritainsinternet.co.uk