Shoreham to be home port for "Watchful"

On the 1st of April the Sea Fisheries Committee's were abolished, and under an Act of Parliament a new Authority was established called the Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) with new duties and a full suite

of powers to implement the change.   In future more emphases will be on

conservation which will be even more important as the Offshore Wind Farm

takes place.   Watchful will still carry out it's original task of Fisheries



It has also been decided that the Fisheries Protection Vessel "Watchful" will

continue to use SHOREHAM PORT as its home base.   However as the duties of

the "IFCA" had been expanded larger premises were needed to house the enlarged workforce of scientist and mariners, and West Sussex County Council were able to assist in securing larger premises on the Quayside of Shoreham

Harbour.   "As the Deputy Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources with

special responsibility for property my team of officers and I were able to expedite matters to everyone's satisfaction" said Janet.


The Minister for Fisheries came to Shoreham to open the new premises accompanied by the Leader of West Sussex County Council.