Fighting Food Waste in West Sussex

Adur DC and Worthing BC are partners with the County Council in the West Sussex Waste Partnership (WSWP), and have together launched a campaign to tackle food waste. Investigation has shown that approximately 33% of the waste in an average rubbish bin is made up of food waste. That is the equivalent of nearly 20 trucka full of food being thrown away each day across West Sussex. Most food waste is avoidable, with 41% being thrown away as it is not used in time and 25% thrown away because we cook too much. Food waste is an expensive habit for residents. The cost is about £20 per person per month, and about £70 per family of four.

The WSWP will be running the campaign until March 2019 and will promote four key themes;

  • #FightAgainstFoodWaste
  • Be A Smart Shopper
  • Freeze With Ease, and
  • Love your Leftovers

The aim is to reduce the amount of food thrown away in West Sussex. For more information see