Local News

Lancing Village Christmas Market

Wonderful Lancing Village Christmas Market today. Well done to everyone who came together to organise another successful market, a thank you also to the choir with lead singer Becca Huggett, and of course, Matthew English who played his violin brilliantly as always..

Shoreham Farmers' Market

It was great to be in attendance at the market today, with our blue Santa hats, many relieved members of the public came over to express their congratulations.. 

Next Saturday we will be at Lancing Farmers' Market with Tim Loughton MP, Lancing councillors and YCs!


HURRAH! We kept East Worthing and Shoreham blue.

In the early hours of this morning it was declared that Tim Loughton held his seat, with the majority rising to 7,441, votes below

Tim Loughton (Conservative)- 27,104

Leslie Groves Williams (Green)- 2,006

General Election 2019 Recap

''As we approach the end of the election campaign I just wanted to thank all the thousands of constituents who have engaged so positively over recent weeks - and here’s a recap of what’s at stake on Thursday.''

Shoreham Academy Hustings

Today Shoreham Academy held their general election hustings. It was great to hear many individuals put questions to all four candidates, it certainly tested their knowledge so thank you to all academy students who came along.

Why Tim Loughton Voted Leave

From the Hustings last Monday - why Tim Loughton voted to leave the EU, and why Brexit needs to get done.

Mental Health

Our candidate, Tim Loughton, discussing Mental Health outside Corner House in Southwick - an issue that hasn’t featured too heavily in the election, but it is one that is incredibly important to all of us.