All Eight Candidates Elected to West Sussex County Council

The East Worthing and Shoreham Conservative Association is proud to report that all eight of our candidates standing for election on Thursday to West Sussex County Council have been successfully elected. Chairman Bryan Turner, who stood and won in Broadwater in the East Worthing part of the constituency said "I am delighted with the results of this election. My candidates worked extremely hard, and deserve their success. I want to thank everyone who voted in the election, but also offer a special thanks to those who choose to vote Conservative. The results are a vindication of the hard work done by our members and volunteers at every level. Now it is on to the General Election on June 8th!"


Bryan Turner, Conservative  1290

Labour  1035

Lib Dem  365

Green  196

Ukip  185



Elizabeth Sparkes, Conservative  2225

Lib Dem  429

Labour  355

Ukip  207  Green  159


Worthing East

Roger Oakley, Conservative  1210

Labour  1182

Lib Dem  341

Green  214

Ukip  201



Ann Bridges, Conservative  1385

Labour  550

Ukip  544

Lib Dem  438

Green  201


Shoreham North

Debbie Kennard, Conservative  1728

Labour  748

Ukip  319

Lib Dem  304

Green  270


Shoreham South

Kevin Borham, Conservative  1637

Labour  885

Green  390

Lib Dem  372

Ukip  252


Sompting and North Lancing

George Barton, Conservative


Labour  606

Ukip  564

Lib Dem  327

Green  139



David Simmons, Conservative  1503

Labour  839

Lib Dem  218

Ukip  211

Green  144